Paper Firefly Craft

Firefly at Night paper Craft

Let’s make our own paper firefly craft and make them glow during day time. Fireflies are among the most mysterious insects we know, and we bet your kids will love making this craft.               *This post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of Animal Crafts and coloring them … Read more

How to Draw a Dragonfly – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Dragonfly Directed Drawing Guide

Ever wanted to learn how to draw a dragonfly? It’s super easy – just follow our step by step drawing guide and you will be drawing this magnificent insect on your own in no time. This dragonfly drawing tutorial is great both for kids and beginners as it’s super easy to follow. *This post contains … Read more

3D Caterpillar Craft with Printable Template

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

Let your kids learn all about caterpillars with this 3D Caterpillar Craft with printable template. It’s a great project to touch up on life cycles of butterflies and moths. This is a great project to make in the classroom as well, it’s a no-prep one and all you need is the printed sheets, glue, and … Read more

25+ Bug Crafts for Kids to Make

It is time to make some cute bug crafts with kids! All of these insect crafts are sweet and silly, and some even have an educational touch. There’s a bug project for kids of all ages to be found on this list, from simple bug craft ideas for preschool and toddlers to more challenging projects … Read more

3D Paper Snail Craft

We have the most colorful 3D paper snail craft idea to share with you – a perfect project to do on a rainy day or in the classroom with all of the kids. The colorful snails displayed on the wall of the classroom will really pop out. *this post contains affiliate links* This is a … Read more