Paper Plate Bat

Halloween Paper Plate Bat

It’s time for some Halloween fun as we’ll show you how to transform a regular paper plate into an adorably scary-looking paper plate bat. This is one of the easiest Halloween crafts and it can easily be done as a classroom project or a craft to do at home with your kids. *This post contains … Read more

How to Make Paper Plate Masks

DIY Paper Plate Mask

Have the kids make their very own masks, just follow this tutorial to learn how to make paper plate masks, it’s easy and it’s fun. And once you make one, you’ll get inspired by all kinds of designs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a paper plate bear mask, but your … Read more

Paper Plate Dinosaur

Paper Plate Dino Craft

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth with power and might, but this paper plate dinosaur is here to play and have fun! With a simple paper plate, you can help your child create their very own dino that they can play with for hours! *This post contains affiliate links* Dinosaurs are all the rage with kids, … Read more

Bunny Butt Paper Plate Craft

Bunny But Paper Plate Craft for Kids

We will be showing you how to make the most fun Easter paper plate craft ever – let’s do the bunny but paper plate craft! This Easter craft idea is sure to bring out lots of smiles and giggles.  *this post contains affiliate links* This is a wonderful classroom craft idea for Easter as it’s … Read more

Paper Plate Fish Craft – Rainbow Paper Circles

Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids

We have a wonderful paper plate fish craft in all the colors of the rainbow to share with you today. Well almost all colors. This is such a fun craft to make as the paper circles used look almost like real fish scales… In a cartoony way. *This post contains affiliate links* I was a … Read more