Build a Vampire Puppet Template

Build a Vampire Puppet Template

Grab this ultra-fun printable build a vampire puppet template and let your kids create the coolest-looking vampire craft ever. Kids love making paper puppets, they are both fun to make and even more fun to play with. These are a great Halloween activity for kindergarten and even preschool as they are fairly easy to make. … Read more

Easy Paper Spider Craft for Halloween

Paper Spider Craft

It is amazing what little wonders you can create from regular paper, just look at this easy paper spider craft and it’s funny little legs. Easy peasy! Combined with a little bit of yarn this 3D paper spider makes the coolest DIY Halloween decoration. Just imagine hanging a bunch of them all over your home. … Read more

Craft Stick Mummy – Recycled Popsicle Sticks

Craft Stick Mummy

Are your kids ready to make the coolest craft stick mummy? This spookalicious craft is perfect to make in the classroom as it is a frugal one and it can be adapted to different age groups. Recycle popsicle sticks or utilize craft sticks (jumbo craft sticks are amazing) to make this wonderful Halloween craft with … Read more

DIY Monster Halloween Card (Cute Monster Craft)

DIY Monsters Halloween Card

If you and your kids think, and rightly so, that every holiday deserves a greeting card you are going to love this tutorial for making a DIY monster Halloween card. It’s so easy to make and it makes the coolest little DIY Halloween card. And the monster opens its mouth as well! What’s not to … Read more

Halloween Handprint Mask

Halloween Handprint Mask

Having kids make their very own Halloween handprint mask adds a whole new layer of fun to this spooky celebration. You can keep it super simple and just decorate it with paints, or you can challenge your kids to create all kinds of different characters or animals – birds being a great example. *this post … Read more