Surprise Big Mouth Monster Printable

Surprise Big Mouth Monster

Monsters don’t need to be scary and this Surprise Big Mouth Monster Printable is the perfect proof of that! Print out the template, have the kids color it in and assemble the paper toy and have fun with it. Perfect to help overcome any fear of monsters too! This craft idea is just in time … Read more

3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

DIY 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin

If you want to share the Halloween treats a bit differently this year, why not make this 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft that serves as a cool Halloween treat bag? It’s easy to make and looks oh co cool! *this post contains affiliate links* We enjoy creating different Halloween Crafts for kids (take a look … Read more

Halloween Pop Up Card Templates

Pop Up Halloween Cards Templates

Your kids Halloween party will be a blast with these fun Halloween Pop Up Card Templates! Set up a crafting table and have the kids make a witch pop up card, a vampire pop up card with fangs as well as a jack-o-lantern pumpkin pop up card. *this post contains affiliate links* All of the … Read more

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids to Make

Learn how to make the cutest Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft – these cute pumpkins work well as card decorations, in case you are looking to make some Halloween cards. Super easy to make both for young kids and older ones too. *this post contains affiliate links* 31st of October is coming and we are so … Read more

Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards Printables

Who or what is hiding inside our Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards? Discover a cat, witch, vampire, ghost and a silly monster as they pop out of scary Jack-o’lanterns. *this post contains affiliate links* Halloween is so fun! We love making all kinds of Halloween crafts – we already made a set of similar Halloween cards, … Read more