Christmas Split Pin Puppets

Have you made articulated paper dolls when you were a kid? They are super fun. We have a whole set of Christmas split pin puppets for your kids to make. Not only are these paper puppets fun to make, but your kids can also play with them for hours after they assemble them. This opens … Read more

Movable Dragon Paper Doll

Movable Dragon Paper Doll Craft Template

Does your child love dragons? If so, they are going to love this Movable Dragon Paper Doll. It’s as simple as gathering your materials and starting to build. The dragon doll will help your child’s imagination run wild! *This post contains affiliate links* We’ve got a bunch of Animal Crafts for Kids you can make … Read more

Movable Donkey Paper Doll

Movable Donkey Doll Craft

When you go to a farm and get to see a cute donkey, you probably smile! Donkeys not only have adorable looks, but they are fun to involve in craft time. This Movable Donkey Paper Doll is an excellent option for arts and crafts time. *This post contains affiliate links* If you love making Animal … Read more

Movable Horse Paper Doll

Movable Horse Paper Doll

Arts and crafts are fun, but this Movable Horse Paper Doll is entertaining. Being able to make this horse with your child is going to be the highlight of your day! This horse craft is also a way to spend more time with your kids being creative. *This post contains affiliate links* Movable horses are … Read more

Movable Cow Paper Doll

Movable Cow Paper Doll

When you drive past a field of cows, doesn’t it just make your heart leap with happiness? Kids yell “COW” really loud for a reason. This Movable Cow Paper Doll will help your child get super excited about craft time. *This post contains affiliate links* Kids really enjoy doing these types of crafts because they … Read more