Movable Cow Paper Doll

When you drive past a field of cows, doesn’t it just make your heart leap with happiness? Kids yell “COW” really loud for a reason.

This Movable Cow Paper Doll will help your child get super excited about craft time.

Movable Cow Paper Doll Craft for Kids

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Kids really enjoy doing these types of crafts because they get to bring one of their favorite animals to life.

Movable Cow Paper Doll

Making Animal Crafts is so fun, but also super easy. You can make several of these cow paper dolls to fill up arts and crafts time!

Keep your paper cow company, and make a Movable Bird Paper Doll and or learn How to Draw a Cow on your own.

Don’t forget to spend a little bit of time making fun sounds with all of the dolls. After all, that is the best part!

How to Make a Movable Cow Paper Doll


What you need: 

  • Movable Cow Paper Doll Template
  • Paper fasteners
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • Card Stock Paper (for printing)
  • Crafting stick
  • Tape or glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Go ahead and print out the template. You can print out the version that already has colored or the black and white version.

Spend time coloring the cow and making sure everything is colored. The cow can be black, brown, or whatever colors your child chooses.

Cut along the outside of the cow, until everything in the template is cut out.

Go ahead and poke a hole where indicated on the cow.

Use tape to glue a craft stick to the back of the cow.

Use the paper fasteners to start putting everything together! The paper fasteners go in the holes where the cow’s legs are!

Make sure you fold the fasteners down so that the cow’s legs stay attached.

Take the strings and put them through the large holes as shown in the picture.

Make sure the loop is large enough and make a little tie at the bottom.

Now your movable cow craft is complete.

Movable Cow Paper Doll Craft

Get your Movable Cow Paper Doll here

Cow Paper Doll

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