Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus Idea

Are your kids excited about Christmas? Let them recycle a loo roll and make the coolest little toilet paper roll Santa Claus craft. This is an easy and fun Christmas activity even kindergarteners will love! Younger kids will need a little assistance but this just means you can make this one a joint project, perfect … Read more

Build a Santa Puppet Template

Who’s ready to create their very own Santa puppet? Crafting puppets is an enjoyable experience, and this build a Santa puppet template activity is perfect for the festive season, especially for younger ones. Not only will kids enjoy the process of making this Christmas craft, but they’ll also be able to have hours of imaginative … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Pants

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Santa Pants Craft

Are you ready for the most fun Christmas toilet paper roll idea ever? We’ll show you how to make toilet paper roll Santa pants! This one is guaranteed to make your kids smile. You can make this craft either by painting the loo rolls or by wrapping them with colored paper, we’ll talk about this … Read more

Printable Christmas Headbands Paper Craft

Elf Christmas Paper Crown Craft

Surprise your students with these printable Christmas paper headbands! It’s such a sweet way to bring Christmas cheer into your classroom and it will take your classroom party to a whole new level. You can print the pre-colored ones or print the black and white ones and have the kids color in their own Christmas … Read more

Curly Beard Santa Craft

Curly Beard Santa Craft

Are your kids excited about Christmas and can hardly wait for Santa Claus to come into town (with sweet gifts)? This curly beard Santa craft is easy to make for kids of most ages, and we also have a few tips on how to make it even easier if you are crafting with younger kids. … Read more