Mittens Christmas Paper Card

DIY Christmas Mittens Paper Card

If you need an easy last-minute craft, this mittens Christmas paper card is not only beautiful, but it allows kids to be super creative when it comes to decorating their own little cards. You can use our handy template for this craft, or as it’s a super easy one, make it on your own. *This … Read more

How to Make a Craft Stick Elf

Craft Stick Xmas Elf

This Craft Stick Elf is fun to make to get into the holiday spirit. All you need are craft sticks, pom-poms, and construction paper. *This post contains affiliate links* We like making Christmas Crafts a lot (look at our Printable Christmas Bookmarks or create your own Rudolph Reindeer Gift Card). Print out the Christmas Coloring … Read more

Cardboard Snow Globe Craft

Cardboard Snow Globe Christmas Craft

Do you want to make a snow globe? It’s super easy. With just a few basic materials, you will create a snow globe that allows a child to enjoy winter all year long. *This post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of Christmas Crafts for Kids (have a look at our Photo Snowglobe … Read more

Printable Christmas Cones Craft

Printable Christmas Cones Paper Craft

Are you ready for the cutest Christmas craft of this season? With these printable Christmas cones craft templates you and your kids will be making the most adorable set of Christmas characters. These Christmas cone characters can be used as decoration (add a string inside and hang them on your Christmas tree), or they can … Read more

Candy Cane Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Printable Candy Cane Coloring Sheets

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a magical anticipation in the air, especially for the little ones. Engaging children in festive activities not only enhances their creativity but also adds a touch of joy to the celebrations. One delightful way to get kids into the holiday spirit is through the delicious world of printable candy … Read more