Craft Stick Gingerbread Man Craft

DIY Xmas Craft Stick Gingerbread Man

If your summer was full of popsicles, you probably have enough craft sticks just waiting to be used. This craft stick Gingerbread man is simple to put together. With a smiling face, button-down pom-poms, and a bright red ribbon, he’s the jolliest man around. *This post contains affiliate links* Christmas might just be our favorite … Read more

Printable Christmas Headbands Paper Craft

Elf Christmas Paper Crown Craft

Surprise your students with these printable Christmas paper headbands! It’s such a sweet way to bring Christmas cheer into your classroom and it will take your classroom party to a whole new level. You can print the pre-colored ones or print the black and white ones and have the kids color in their own Christmas … Read more

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Craft

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Craft

The holidays are approaching, and this paper plate Gingerbread Man craft is so much fun for kids to do! This is a great project for preschool-aged kids (and older) as it is easy to make and kids can unleash their creativity when making one. The kids can make him as straightforward or as complex as … Read more

Christmas Split Pin Puppets

Have you made articulated paper dolls when you were a kid? They are super fun. We have a whole set of Christmas split pin puppets for your kids to make. Not only are these paper puppets fun to make, but your kids can also play with them for hours after they assemble them. This opens … Read more

Printable Christmas Bookmarks

DIY Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Would you like to try out these Printable Christmas Bookmarks? For the bookworm in your life, these bookmarks are super festive and fun for the upcoming holidays.  *This post contains affiliate links* We love all kinds of festive Christmas Crafts for Kids – go and check out our Reindeer Christmas Toy or have fun making … Read more