Toilet Paper Roll Zebra Craft

Calling all zebra lovers – let’s make a toilet paper roll zebra craft together. This is a great craft idea for kids to do on a rainy day.

If your kids are fans of all kinds of animals, this craft is certainly one to add to their collection.

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DIY Zebra Paper Roll Craft

If you didn’t know, zebras make everything more fun!

Your kid will love doing this toilet paper roll craft, so grab the supplies and have a ton of fun. 

DIY Paper Roll Zebra Craft

How to Make the Paper Roll Zebra

What you need:

  • printable template
  • paper roll (either use a toilet paper roll or make a roll from regular paper)
  • color papers (white and pink)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes
  • yarn (white and black)
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Cut a piece of white paper big enough to fit around the paper roll. 

Step 1

Draw zebra stripes with a black marker.

Step 2

Place glue on the toilet paper roll. 

Step 3

Press down to ensure the paper stays on the tube. 

Step 4

Cut out the templates. 

Step 5

Trace the head and ears twice on white paper and cut out. 

Step 6

Trace the ears on white paper. 

Step 7

Our zebra needs legs. Trace the legs on the white paper four times, then cut them out. 

Step 8

Trace the insides of the ears on pink paper. 

Step 9

The Head

Draw black patterns onto the zebra’s head

Step 10

Glue on the googly eyes. 

Step 11

Glue the pink insides to the ears.

Step 12

Draw patterns on the ears with a black marker.

Little stripes to the ears help add a lot of fun detail. 

Step 13

Glue the ears onto the head of the zebra. 

Step 14

Go ahead and add little stripes to the ears on the back side of the head.

Step 15

The Legs

Draw hooves and stripes on the legs with a black marker. 

Step 16

The Mane

Cut short pieces of white yarn to make a mane.

Step 17

Cut black pieces of yarn too.

Step 18

Glue the black and white pieces of yarn to the back of the zebra’s head. 

Step 19

Add stripes to the nose of the zebra. 

Step 20

Apply glue to one piece of the zebra head.

Step 22-1

Glue the faces of the zebra onto the toilet paper roll, and press them together.

Step 23

The Tail

Cut a long strip of white paper. 

Step 21

Glue the white and black yarn onto the white paper. 

Step 22

Glue the tail onto the zebra. 

Step 24

The finished product is this adorable zebra you can play with for hours! 

Step 25

It looks stunning!

Zebra Paper Roll Craft

We love how it turned out.

DIY Paper Roll Zebra

How about you?

Paper Roll Zebra Idea

Get Your Paper Roll Zebra Template Here

Paper Roll Zebra Template

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