Snake Clothespin Puppets

Snake Clothespin Puppets are going to make a super fun craft time. Sure, bunnies and bears are cute – but doing a craft with a snake is so much more exhilarating for kids!

These snakes are WAY different than each other because it’s important to note that there are dozens of species of snakes out there.

Snake Clothespin Puppets Template

Snakes are such interesting creatures. You can use this craft as a way to introduce your kids to snakes and how cool they are. When it comes to clothespins puppets, more is better so be sure to add the shark clothespin puppets, bug clothespin puppets and many others to the mix.

Read a few snake books and go to a local zoo to see where snakes might live. You’re going to learn a lot about snakes along the way. 

How to Make Snake Clothespin Puppets

What you need: 

  • Snake Clothespin Puppets template 
  • Crayons 
  • Scissors 
  • Clothespins

Step by Step Tutorial 

Go ahead and print out the Snake Clothespin Puppets template. 

Spend time coloring and then cutting it out! Little hands may need assistance with cutting out the snakes. 

Cut out inside of the template where indicated on the template. While this may take some skill to cut out the mouthpiece, you can do it! 

Take glue and put it on the clothespin. From that point, you will glue the snake on the clothespin. 

Hold tight to make sure it actually stays glued. The mouth should separate when the clothespin opens. 

Do this to both snakes so that you can play with both of them. Coloring and cutting out is what takes the longest with this craft, but in no time, they will be your own slithering snakes to play with! 

Snake Clothespin Puppets

The finale of the craft is going to be two snakes side by side. The snakes will be able to move their mouths. You or your child can give the snakes a voice! They can sing and slither along all day long.

Get your Snake Clothespin Puppets Template here

Snake Clothespin Puppets

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