Paper Roll Lion Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Ready to roar? Today we are showing you how to make a paper roll lion craft. Hope you have your stash of paper rolls ready.

We just love making toilet paper roll crafts (did you know you can actually buy paper rolls for kids crafts?), we loved doing this paper roll crab craft among many others.

Toilet Paper Roll Lion Craft for Kids to Make - Toilet Paper roll craft ideas

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Toilet Paper Roll Lion Craft

What you need;

  • paper roll (toilet paper roll, rolls form paper towels…)
  • yellow paper (or yellow paint)
  • wiggle eyes stickers
  • brown paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • marker





Glue the yellow paper around the toilet paper roll (or paint it yellow). Also cut two strips of paper for legs and one long strip of paper for tail. Draw claws.

Cut a circle out of yellow paper for head. Place that circle onto the brown paper and draw an outline for the mane. Cut the main. Glue on two wiggle eye stickers and draw snout and mouth on the head.



Glue the head on the mane.step4

Glue the legs on the head.



Glue the head on the paper roll. The only thing that is left to do is the tail.

Paper Roll Lion Craft

Your toilet paper roll lion craft is all done.

Lion Craft

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Paper Roll Lion Craft for Little Ones

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