Toilet Paper Roll Sheep

Celebrate spring or Easter with this cute toilet paper roll sheep craft. Let your kids upcycle toilet paper rolls and with the use of a few cotton balls make the a fluffy sheep craft. This is one of the cutest Easter crafts kids can make; a bunch of these make the cutest little kid-made Easter … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

Celebrate spring with these easy, fun, and colorful toilet paper roll flowers. Transform a regular paper roll into the coolest-looking tulips with just a dab of paint and some cutting. What makes these paper roll flowers extra cool is the fact that once they are done, they can stand on their own. Once your kids … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

TP Roll Bunny Craft

If you need a super easy Easter craft for kids this toilet paper roll bunny craft could not be easier. What’s even better, there are many ways you can go about making one, so we are sure you already have all the supplies you need at hand.  You can leave the toilet paper rolls as they are, … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Chinese Dragon

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Chinese Dragon

Celebrate Lunar or Chinese New Year with your kids with this cool recycling project: make a toilet paper roll Chinese dragon craft. We love crafts, but we love them even more when there’s a chance to use up material that would otherwise end up in the trash. This Lunar dragon toilet paper roll craft is … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Rocket or Space Shuttle Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle

Traveling into space is no longer just for adults. This Paper Roll Space Shuttle is the perfect activity for spaced-obsessed crafters! This space shuttle has so many details that the whole experience is exciting. *This post contains affiliate links* We love crafting all kinds of toilet paper roll cafts for kids like making a paper … Read more