25+ Easter Crafts for Kids – Lots of Crafty Ideas

Ready for Easter? We have a ton of awesome Easter crafts for kids! You’ll find a variety of craft ideas, from cool Easter origami to printable crafts with templates. From easy crafts preschoolers and kindergarteners will enjoy to more demanding projects for older kids.

We’ve got all the major themes covered – lots of cute little chick crafts, fluffy bunnies, sheep and naturally even an Easter egg!

Cute Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

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We have been busy making all kinds of tutorials for Easter crafts for kids over the past weeks (and years) so it’s about time to round them up in one place, well at least the ones we think make the best ideas!

Most of the tutorials come with step by step video instructions showing you how to easily make these Easter crafts (which is also really handy to use in the classroom to show the students how the project is made).

We mostly focus on easy and doable low prep projects that won’t require you to run to the store to get all of the crafting materials

Ready to start crafting? Let’s go!

Easter Crafts for Kids – Tons of Fun Ideas for Activities

Some of our latest projects:

Wonderful Easter Easter Crafts for Kids

Origami Corner Bookmarks

Cute Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark

We absolutely love making these! We have created a ton of different ones already and naturally we have a few Easter ideas to share with you too!

These cute bookmarks are the best, kids love making them and you can even use them as Easter basket fillers.

First we have your basic origami corner bookmark. These are super easy to fold – just watch our step by step folding tutorial and you will be making them in no time.

We have a set of bunny corner bookmarks as well as a chick corner bookmark idea for you to check.

Handprint Bunny Art

Handprint Bunnies

More Bunny Ideas for Your Kids to Make

  1. Papier Mache Rabbit
  2. Paper Strips Bunny
  3. Learn How to Draw a Bunny
  4. Simplest Paper Bunny
  5. Bunny Butt Paper Plate Craft
  6. Adorable Easter Art Project
  7. Pom Pom Handprint Bunny
  8. Newspaper Bunny

Cute Paper Chicks – Fun Construction Paper Easter Craft Idea

Paper Chick Craft for Kids

Simple crafts are the best and these construction paper chicks are just that! So simple to make and oh so adorable.

These are a great project both for home and for classroom – just make a whole bunch of these and string them together to make the most wonderful Easter garland ever!

We made these with both regular print paper and construction paper and they turn out adorable each and every time.

Why only make this adorable paper chick craft if you can mix it up with this adorable paper bunny craft (one of our most popular craft ideas).

Paper Sheep Craft

Cute Paper Sheep Craft

Sheep are a part of Easter too and we think these sheep paper dolls turned out really great! There’s only a handful of materials you need for these so let’s get crafty!

Have the kids first make these and then put up a play.

Simplest Easter Craft for Kid Ever

Sheep Craft with Doilies

Nothing beats simple and this doily sheep couldn’t get any easier.

Printable Corner Bookmarks

Printable Easter Corner Bookmarks Craft for Kids

Not a fan of origami bookmarks? No worries, we made another set of corner bookmarks that’s more of a paper craft than origami. And a cute one it is!

There are two printable corner bookmarks waiting for you, a chick and a bunny. Print them out, cut all parts, color and assemble.

Either print them on colored paper or white paper and color them however you want.

Grab the bunny and chick corner bookmark here.

Craft Stick Carrots – Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Cute Carrot Craft for Kids

Craft sticks are one of the most popular crafting materials for kids (and a frugal one too!).

The things you can do with them are pretty amazing and these craft stick carrots are the proof. Want a recylced craft? Why not use popsicle sticks for this one and green painted newspaper for the leaves.

See the tutorial here.

Yarn Wrapped Carrots

Yarn Wrapped Carrots Craft

Another wonderful craft for kids in kindergarten and even some preschoolers! Wrapping the yarn around cardboard paper is an excellent fine motor exercise.

See the full carrot craft tutorial here.

Easter Cootie Catchers

Printable Easter Cootie Catchers

Did you play with cootie catchers (or as some call them fortune tellers) when you were a kid? Oh we did! But we decided to make them a bit more special this time around.

Behold the cootie catcher puppets!

Get your printable template for Easter cootie catchers here.

Printable Easter Rings

Cute Printable Easter Paper Rings

These are one of our favorite printable creations! We just love how cute they turned out and think they make the cutest Easter activity to do with the kids.

They make a great classroom craft as they are quick, easy and most importantly fun. Need a non candy Easter basket filler? These are your thing!

As sometimes Easter crafts with a template are just the way to go!

You can find the printable Easter paper rings here.

Fluffy Sheep

Grab your cotton balls as your kids will be creating a fluffy paper sheep with them.

Cute Sheep Paper Plate Craft

Check the whole paper plate sheep tutorial here.

Colorful Paper Eggs

Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids

We can’t have a list of Easter crafts for kids without some egg ideas can we?

Grab the craft template to color in and have the kids create their own paper eggs

Paper Weaving

Cute Easter Egg Paper Weaving

Another great easter activity for preschoolers or kids in kindergarten is paper weaving. Easter eggs are perfect for this project.

See how we made them (and grab the printable)

More Easter Egg Crafts

  1. Salt dough Easter Eggs
  2. Black glue resist painting

Easter Pop Up Card Template

If you want to get your kids interested in making pop up cards, this simple chick in the basket pop up card is a perfect beginner project.

What’s even more fun is that kids get to color them however they want!

Grab the Chick in a basket pop up card template here.

Silhouette Decor Easter Crafts for Kids

Decorate your wall or put them in a frame, whichever you decide to do this bunny and egg pastel silhouette is a great decor for this time of the year.

You can use pastel color to go with the “theme” or just go with your favorite colors – either way it will look great.

Grab the outline templates here.

Fun Carrot Craft For Scissor Skills

Cute Paper Carrot Craft

These will make a wonderful garland if you string them together.

Get the template for this carrot craft here.

DIY Construction Paper Easter Basket

Cute Paper Basket Craft

Check how to make this construction paper basket

Easter Crafts for Kids

Cute Easter Crafts for Kids


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