Potato Stamping Easter Card

Handmade cards are the best! Today we will be showing you how to make a super cute potato stamping Easter card with your kids. We’ve made bunnies as they turn out really sweet with pom pom tails, but you can make chicks or even Easter egg potato stamps just as well.

Ready to give this Easter craft a go? Let’s do it!

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Potato Stamping Easter Bunny Card

How to Make the Potato Stamping Easter Card

What you need: 

  • potato
  • knife
  • colorful pom-poms
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • white cardstock
  • black maker

Fun tip: instead of using a potato, you can also use Peeps as stamps.

Step by Step Tutorial

Carefully cut (adults only, unless you are using kid safe utensils) it the potato in half.

Step 1

Draw a simple bunny shape on the flat surface of one potato half. If you have a bunny-shaped cookie cutter, you can use it as well.

Step 2

Now, using a cutting knife (adults only), carefully cut around the bunny outline drawn on the potato.

Step 3

Once the bunny outline is cut, make incisions around the potato.

Step 4

Then, peel off the excess potato around the bunny shape to make the stamp.

Step 5

Take a piece of white cardstock and fold it in half horizontally to create the base for the Easter card.

Step 6

You can have the kids either dip the potato in paint or have them use a paintbrush to cover the potato with paint.

Step 7

Carefully press the painted potato stamp onto the cardstock to create a bunny print.

Step 8

Repeat the painting and stamping process with different colors to create a vibrant Easter card.

Step 9

Make as many bunnies as you want. This technique is also fun for making your own wrapping paper.

Step 10

We went with pink, pale green, and purple paint and created three bunnies.

Step 11

Allow the paint to dry.

Step 12

Using glue, attach colorful pom-poms to the bunny prints on the card as fluffy tails.

This adds a fun and tactile element to the card.

Finally, help your child write a heartfelt Easter message on the card.

Step 13

Whether it’s “Happy Easter” or another Easter wish, it’ll add a special touch to their creation.

Potato Stamping Easter Card Craft

Once the card is complete, it will be shared with friends and family! Your child will be proud to show off their handmade Easter card.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Potato Stamping Easter Card Idea

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