Paper Easter Egg Craft Idea

No need to have regular Easter eggs when you can make this adorable paper Easter egg craft with your kids!

We made these, well we used paper rolls, back when I was in kindergarten and it is one of those projects that was fun enough to make that I remember it still :).
Cute Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids to Make

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While this Easter craft idea can totally be made “freehand” we have also prepared a printable Easter egg template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial),  a sheet with 6 egg silhouettes, you can print and have the kids decorate however they see fit.

When I was in kindergarten this, well a similar activity, was amazingly fun to make! We had a whole variety of “decorating” material to choose from and the eggs the whole class made were beyond adorable. Well in all honesty they were probably weird looking blobs but it’s all about the process and having fun, not the end product! It’s the idea that counts.

Crafting should always be about having fun and spending time together with your kids or class.

That said, and as you probably figured out from my “kindergarten experience” excitement, this craft is a wonderful classroom craft idea. It’s wonderful for fine motor skills and scissor practice and when it comes to decorating the eggs it’s all open ended.

So be sure to add this to your Easter craft ideas to make this year!

Ready to learn how to make this paper Easter egg craft? Let’s get crafty!

Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Paper Easter Egg Craft Idea

What you need to make this fun Easter arty crafty project:

  • our printable template for Easter eggs (you can find it at the end of this how to tutorial)
  • printer
  • heavier print paper
  • green paper (construction or regular print paper will work) – you can also use white paper and have the kids color it
  • coloring supplies – markers, crayons, glitter, scrap paper, scrap fabric, sequin, magazine paper etc.
  • scissors
  • glue

Let’s make it!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Ready, set, craft!

First thing you need is to print our printable template for Easter egg craft. We really recommend you print on heavier paper (we used a 120gsm / 59lb paper – it’s heavy enough and still easy to cut).


Now it’s time to get crazy with the colors!

Be as creative as possible, use a combination of different coloring mediums to make thins more fun.

Stamping, markers, even puffy paints to make things more dimensional.

We think glitter will add a nice touch to this paper Easter egg craft idea as well as sparkly gemstones. The more creative the more fun!

Once all the eggs are nice and colored (we know yours will be the prettiest – each and every one unique and awesome) cut them out.

Cut, cut, cut!

Time to make the grass

While the eggs you made are pretty on their own, they will really shine when they get their grass stand.

It’s oh so easy to make.

Cut a strip of green paper (about as wide as the egg is).

Now zig, zag with your scissors along one side to make the grass.

Looking pretty cool isn’t it?

You will need to do some measuring, to make the egg fit nicely.

Join the ends together, to make a stand. Place the egg inside, if the egg fits nicely (doesn’t fall inside) your dimension is just right and all there’s left to do is to glue the ends together.

If the egg falls through, you’ll need to make the diameter of the stand a bit smaller. Glue the ends together when the stand for your paper Easter egg craft is just right.

Place the paper Easter egg craft inside the grass stand.

All done!

Cute Paper Easter Egg Craft

Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids to Make

Get the Printable Paper Easter Egg Craft Template Here

Easter Eggs Template

We hope you enjoyed this craft idea! Be sure to be back for more crafty inspirations!

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