How to Make a Sock Bunny

If you have a bunch of unmatched socks (who doesn’t?) you are going to love our how to make a sock bunny (no sew) tutorial. Following just a few simple step you and your kids will be making this adorable no sew Easter bunny sock craft in no time.

This is a fun project for all ages and it makes a great DIY gift – it’s a fun display item and can even be used as a door stopper.

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The best thing about this Easter craft is the fact that all sock colors and patterns work. The bunnies will look great with most common colors such as white, black and gray as well as in other colors (Easter pastel colors would turn out super cute).

Easy Sock Bunny Craft

Ready to give these a go? Let’s make them!

Sock Bunny Easter Craft

How to Make a Sock Bunny

What you need:

  • scissors
  • socks
  • uncooked rice
  • rubber bands
  • black marker
  • ribbons
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by filling the sock. While you don’t need any aids for this, using a glass and placing the sock inside and over the edges of the glass will make filling the socks a whole lot easier.

Step 1

Fill the sock with rice.

Step 2

Wrap the rubber band around the top of the sock.

Step 3

To form the body and head, gently squish the bunny’s midsection.

Step 4

Place the rubber band or two around the area between the body and the head.

Step 5

You can glue a large pom pom on the bunny to make the tail or you can squish a part of the body and secure it with a rubber band.

Step 6

Let’s make the ears. You can trim the socks if the sock is too long.

Step 7

Cut the top part in half to make two ears.

Step 8

Do not cut all the way to the rubber.

Step 9

Shape the ears with scissors.

Step 10

Use a black marker to draw the nose (draw a small x) and eyes (two simple dots).

Step 11

Now you can leave it as it is or go the fancy route by using ribbons to cover the rubber bands.

Step 12

Wrap the ribbon around the base of both ears, too (secure with glue).

Step 13

All done!

DIY Sock Bunny

Your easy no sew sock bunny is ready for Easter!

DIY Sock Bunny Craft

What a fantastic way to repurpose unpaired socks for your Easter crafting adventures!

Easter Bunny Sock Craft

Kids can make as many as they wish!

How to Make a Sock Bunny Idea

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