Yarn Wrapped Easter Bunny Craft

Combine fine motor skill practice with one of the cutest Easter crafts for kids; let your kids make this adorable yarn wrapped Easter bunny craft. It’s a fluffy one and it’s a fun one!

While this craft looks really cute if you use yarn, it can just as easily be made without; either have the kids paint the bunny’s body or adorn it with other materials.

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Easy Yarn Bunny Craft

This little Easter craft can be made by kids of all ages.

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Cute Easter Bunny Yarn Craft

How to Make the Yarn Wrapped Easter Bunny Craft

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • piece of cardboard
  • yarn
  • coloring supplies

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the bunny template. Time to get hopping on this craft!

Step 1

Let kids color in the bunny’s head and tail. You can also color the body, this all depends on if you will use it as it is or trace it on cardboard.

Step 2

Cut out all the template parts.

Step 3

Place the arch on a piece of cardboard and have the kids trace the shape.

Step 4

As cardboard can be just a bit tricky to cut, you might need to cut out the shape if you are crafting with younger kids.

Step 5

Time to wrap the body with yarn. We went with pink for our Easter bunny.

Step 6

Make a loop and tie a knot.

Tip. You can also make a small slit on the cardboard to help keep the yarn in place.

Step 7

Start wrapping the yarn around the body.

Optional: you can add a bit of glue on the cardboard to keep things in place.

Step 8

Then, have kids wrap the yarn almost to the end of the cardboard curve, but make sure they leave some space for the bunny’s head.

Secure the end by making a knot.

Step 9

Apply a bit of glue, either on the back of the bunny’s head or directly on the yarn wrapped arch.

Step 10

Do the same with the tail.

No bunny is complete without its fluffy tail!

Step 11


Yarn Easter Bunny Craft

Your yarn-wrapped Easter bunny is ready to hop into the holiday fun.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bunny Craft

How did you like making this yarn wrapped Easter bunny craft?

Yarn Wrapped Easter Bunny Craft Idea

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