Sock Sheep Craft

DIY Sock Sheep Craft

If you’d like your child to do a craft that takes more detail, then this sock sheep craft is for you! It’s a great Easter art project and it makes a fun DIY gift for friends and family.It’s an easy beginner hand-sewing product that gives a great result every time! *This post contains affiliate links* … Read more

How to Make a Sock Bunny

DIY Sock Bunny

If you have a bunch of unmatched socks (who doesn’t?) you are going to love our how to make a sock bunny (no sew) tutorial. Following just a few simple step you and your kids will be making this adorable no sew Easter bunny sock craft in no time. This is a fun project for … Read more

Sock Pig Craft – How to Turn a Sock into a Pig

Sock Pig

Learn how to make a sock pig craft! Transform an ordinary pink sock into a fun-looking pig that will bring joy into your home (it can make a fun door stopper). This is a great project to introduce kids to basic sewing as very little sewing skills are required. *This post contains affiliate links* We … Read more

Sock Snail Craft

DIY Sewing Sock Snail Craft

This sock snail craft is perfect if you’ve been looking for ways to repurpose those old socks. It’s a great introduction to sewing for beginners and kids as it doesn’t require many skills. Our snail craft encourages reusing old fabric and creativity! *This post contains affiliate links* Washing machines are notorious for swallowing up socks, … Read more

No-Sew Sock Penguin Craft

No-Sew Sock Penguin Craft for Kids

If you loved our no-sew sock snowman you’re going to love our no-sew sock penguin craft too! This little fellow will fit nicely with it’s snow made friend (Santa might join too if you’re crafting before holidays) so grab that odd sock we know you have and let’s get crafty! No-Sew Sock Penguin Craft *this post … Read more