Sock Snail Craft

This sock snail craft is perfect if you’ve been looking for ways to repurpose those old socks. It’s a great introduction to sewing for beginners and kids as it doesn’t require many skills.

Our snail craft encourages reusing old fabric and creativity!

Sock Snail Craft

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Washing machines are notorious for swallowing up socks, so ending up with a bunch of socks without a pair is a common occurrence in most if not all households. Why throw them away, when you can use them up for a fun project such as this one?

Sock Snail

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Want your kids to learn how to draw a snail? Our guided tutorial allows them to learn how to draw it independently, making it perfect for today’s craft.

How to Make the Sock Snail Craft

What you need:

  • scissors
  • pencil
  • socks (we used yellow and purple, but any color will do)
  • needle
  • thread
  • doll eyes (optional, you can sew on the eyes or just use a black marker)
  • fiberfill (you can also use scrap fabric)
  • hot glue (optional, you can sew it instead)
  • black fabric
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Take an old yellow sock and turn it inside out. 

Step 1

Trace the sock down the line as shown.

See how we stopped near the toes-part? We will need that part stitch-free.

Step 2

Start sewing it from the sock’s heel.

Step 3

Follow the line you drew with your pencil and continue sewing almost to the toes.

We need a hole where the toes sock part is, so we can fill the body with our stuffing later.

Step 4

Cut the sock above the line that you sew. 

Step 5

Turn over the sock (inside out), so the stitches will stay hidden.

We just got ourselves a neat snail body shape from the sock. 

Step 6

The Eyes

Mark where you’re going to place the doll eyes.

Step 7

Cut two little slots to place the eyes for the snail. 

Step 8

You will push the eyes through the holes you made in the previous step.

Step 9

See how it looks from the inside.

Step 10

The Body

Put stuffing inside of the snail to create a strong body shape.

Step 11

You are now going to sew up its body all the way. 

Step 12

The Shell

Now it’s time to move on to the shell of the snail.

Turn the sock inside out.

Step 13

We need to sew the sock in the same way as we did with the snail’s body.

This time we won’t leave a hole where the toes would be because we’ll stuff the snail’s shell from the top part of the sock.

Start sewing the sock where the toes would be.

Step 14

Go all the way to the heal and sew further.

Step 15

Sew it all to the top part of the sock.

Step 16

Turn the sock inside out and start stuffing the snail’s shell.

Step 17

Once you have it stuffed, you can sew the sock up! 

Step 18

Cut off the excess thread. 

Step 19

Use hot glue and start applying it where you started your stitches.

Step 20

Roll it up like a snail’s shell. 

Step 21

Continue applying hot glue and repeat the rolling process.

Step 22

Add more glue and roll until it looks like a snail’s shell.

Step 23

The Tentacles

Our snail needs tentacles.

Take the leftover yellow fabric. 

Step 24

Cut out two strips. 

Step 25

Start sewing them up.

Step 26

We need two tentacles.

Step 27

Great job!

Step 28

The Mouth

Cut out a small piece of black fabric for the mouth. 

Step 29

The mouth can be as small or large as you’d like! 

Step 30

Add a little amount of hot glue to the mouth. 

Step 31

Glue the mouth onto the snail’s face.

Step 32

Sew the tentacles on top of the head.

Step 33

Add hot glue to the top part of the snail’s body.

Step 34

Apply the shell to the snail. 

Step 35

The sock snail craft is easy to make; anyone can do it! 

Step 36

And it looks fabulous!

DIY Sewing Sock Snail Craft

Don’t you agree?

DIY Snail Sock Craft

Make as many as you like with different sock colors!

Sock Snail Craft Idea

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