Sock Sheep Craft

If you’d like your child to do a craft that takes more detail, then this sock sheep craft is for you! It’s a great Easter art project and it makes a fun DIY gift for friends and family.It’s an easy beginner hand-sewing product that gives a great result every time!

Sock Sheep Craft - Easter Sock Craft

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DIY Sock Sheep

Now, let’s get started with our craft!

Hand-sewing a sheep using a sock is such a brilliant idea.

Sock Sheep

You can customize this sheep to make it look however you’d like! 

How to Make the Sock Sheep Craft

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • white socks
  • felt material (beige, black, and pink)
  • needle
  • thread
  • fiberfill
  • silk ribbon

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Take a sock and add the stuffing. 

Step 1

Cut the excess off the stock. 

Step 2

Sew up the sock. 

Step 3

Make sure you sew it up reasonably well! 

Step 4

A final stitch to make sure everything is sown in nice and well. 

Step 5

The Face

Take the fabric and draw a circle.

Step 6

The Eyes

Take the black fabric to start making the eyes. 

Draw two tiny circles.

Step 7

Cut out the eyes and sew them on the face.

Create some eye-lashes with the thread too!

Step 8

The Nose

Draw a circle on a pink piece of fabric.

This will be the nose. 

Step 9

Then sew the nose to the face.

Step 10

The Mouth

Go ahead and stitch a little mouth onto the sheep. 

Step 11

The Cheek Blush

Take a Q-tip and create a slight blush on the cheeks of the sheep’s face. 

Step 12

Sew the face of the sheep onto the sock. 

Step 13

The Ears

Cut out two ears from the same fabric as you used for the face.

Pinch the bottom parts and sew the ear to create a 3D effect.

Step 14

You are now going to sew the ears onto the sheep.

Make sure the ears are sewn well onto the sheep. 

Step 15

Do this to both sides. 

Step 16

The Arms and Legs

Cut out an additional part of the sock to make arms and legs. 

Step 17

These can all be about the same size. 

Step 18

Go ahead and sew them together so they don’t come apart, but leave a tiny hole where you’ll put the stuffing in.

Step 19

Add stuffing into each arm and leg. 

Step 20

Finish the sewing process. 

Step 21

In the end, you should have four arms and legs in total. 

Step 22

Go ahead and start sewing on the arms and legs. 

Step 23

The Bow

You can add the final touch of a blue or pink bow to the sheep’s neck. 

Step 24

This will give the sheep a little character. 

Step 25

Cut the excess of the bow off. 

Step 26

The final product is this adorable handmade Sock Sheep Craft.

Step 27

We love how it turned out!

Sewing Sheep Sock Craft

Don’t you?

DIY Sock Sheep Craft

You can create as many as you wish with different sock colors.

DIY Sewing Sock Sheep

Have fun crafting!

Sock Sheep Craft Idea

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