Sock Panda Craft

This sock panda craft is so easy for kids to do! Using basic materials like black and white socks, your child can assemble something they will be super proud of!

This is a great project to teach your kids basic sewing skills as it doesn’t require much sewing and the end result is really fun.

Sock Panda Craft

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DIY Sewing Sock Panda Craft

With a white body, black arms, and legs, this panda looks ready to tackle the day!

The face can also be custom-made, or you can follow the directions for putting it together. 

How to Make the Sock Panda Craft

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • socks (white and black)
  • felt material (white and black)
  • thread
  • needle
  • fiberfill
  • eyeshadow
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Start by taking an old white sock and filling it with stuffing. 

Step 1

You are going to cut off the excess fabric on the sock. 

Step 2

Take a needle and thread and sew the sock shut.

It’s easiest to hand-sew this part. 

Step 3

While sewing, you’ll want to make sure you get every part of the sock to ensure it’s closed up. 

Step 4

You can then cut off the excess thread on the sock. 

Step 5

The Ears

The next part of this craft is cutting out the ears of the panda. 

Step 6

Close up the ears with a needle and thread. 

Step 7

Cut off the excess part of the black thread. 

Step 8

You will now get ready to sew the ears on the panda. 

Step 9

You’ll want to make sure the ear is sewn on well.

Sew only the bottom part of the ear onto the head.

Step 10

Your progress should look something like this!

Our ears are neatly sewn on the panda’s head.

Step 11

The Eyes

Next, you will make two circles on black fabric for the eyes. 

Step 12

You will also trace the inside of the eyes on the white felt material.

The circles need to be slightly smaller than the previous black ones.

Step 13

You will then sew the black part onto the white part of the eye. 

Step 14

Make sure the sewing is done to last! 

Step 15

The eyes should look something like this.

Notice how we left a bit of white thread on the black part of the eyes?

It gives a bit more realistic look.

Step 16

Next, you will cut out black eye patches of fur behind the eyes we sewed in previous steps.

Step 17

Go ahead and sew the eyes onto the black fur patches. 

Step 18

When sewn together, they will look like this. 

Step 19

Sew the eyes onto the panda’s face.

Step 21

Our panda is getting its shape.

Step 22

The Nose

Go ahead and cut out the nose in a rounded triangular shape.

Step 20

You are then going to sew the nose onto the panda. 

Step 23

Cut off the excess thread.

Step 24

The Mouth

Make a smile for the panda by stitching a black line.

Step 25

The Cheek Blush

Add a slight blush onto the cheeks to make the panda look happy. 

Step 26

The Arms and Legs

Now you will begin the process of the arms and legs.

Cut out four pieces from the black sock.

Step 27

Once cut out, you will sew it up the side and leave some room to insert the stuffing.

Step 28

It’s time to add the stuffing. 

Step 29

Sew up the left open part and cut off the excess thread. 

Step 30

You should have two arms and two legs! 

Step 31

Start sewing on the arms of the panda. 

Step 32

And now you will do the legs! 

Step 33

The final sock panda craft will look amazing!

Step 34

We love our new sock friend!

Sock Panda

How about you?

DIY Sock Panda Craft

You can make whole families of pandas!

Sewing Sock Panda Craft

Enjoy creating your new animal friend, and stay tuned!

Sock Panda Craft Idea

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