Paper Shark Pop Up Card

DIY Shark Pop Up Card

Ocean animals is a fun theme for crafting during summer, so lets make a fun paper shark pop up card. The paper card is fun to make and your kids will love it! *this post contains affiliate links* If you are celebrating shark week you are probably planning all kinds of shark crafts and activities. … Read more

Paper Ladybug Box Craft

Paper Box Ladybug Spring Craft

Love warmer seasons? The spring always provides us with a ton of bug crafting ideas. So get ready because today we’re making a Paper Ladybug Box Craft. *This post contains affiliate links* We love making different Spring Crafts for kids (check out our Spring Agamograph Template or enjoy playing with your Frog Puppet). And if your … Read more

Paper Daisy Craft

Are you ready to make a Paper Daisy Craft with only a few materials? We sure are – your daisy can become a neat present or a home decoration.  *This post contains affiliate links* We love making Flower Crafts (check out the Flower Paper Rings or make a Ladybug Paper Craft). Do you want to … Read more

3D Paper Zebra Craft

3D Zebra Paper Craft

Ready to get crafty with your kids? We got another fun project to make – a 3D Paper Zebra Craft. It’s a whole lot of fun and super easy to make.  *This post contains affiliate links* We have a bunch of Animal Crafts you can make with your kids (check out our Printable Silly Animals … Read more

Frog on a Lily Pad Craft

DIY Frog on a Lily Pad Spring Craft

Have your kids make a Frog on a Lily Pad Craft – it will be perfect for spring, and children will love how it’ll turn out. With only a few essential tools, your amphibian will be finished in no time. *This post contains affiliate links* We are always in the mood for making Spring Crafts … Read more