Halloween Agamograph Template

We know you are as thrilled about Halloween as we are and a true fan of agamographs – so quickly add this Halloween agamograph template to your collection. If you are in search of more creative and spooky fun do check our collection of Halloween crafts for kids. *this post contains affiliate links* Kids love … Read more

Night and Day Agamograph Template

Night and Day Agamograph Template Craft

Love making simple agamographs? This time we’ve prepared a cool Night and Day Agamograph Template for your kids to color, cut, and fold! This agamograph will entertain your kids for quite a while and is a perfect project to do in the classroom. *this post contains affiliate links* This night and day agamograph makes a great … Read more

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph Template Craft

Learning about the life cycle of a ladybug? Make things interesting and  get to know these beautiful bugs through our ladybug life cycle agamograph template. Making the ladybug agamograph will help your kids to understand how this adorable creature grows and will definitely keep them busy for some time! *this post contains affiliate links* Have you ever found … Read more

Frog Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Frog Life Cycle Agamograph Template Craft for Kids

If you are learning about the frog life cycle and want a fun craft activity to go along with, then print this frog life cycle agamograph template. 4 different images, combined into one agamograph make this craft a perfect addition to your lessons. Or to be made just for fun. *this post contains affiliate links* … Read more

Spring Agamograph Template

Printable Spring Agamograph

The joys of spring and warmer weather are here, and we’ve prepared another craft for your kids to make during the season. We’re sure the little hands will enjoy coloring and creating our lovely spring agamograph template. *this post contains affiliate links* Spring is the time of blooming flowers and unpredicted weather. By making this agamograph the finished craft … Read more