St. Patrick’s Day Agamograph Template

St. Patrick's Day Agamograph Printable Template

Spring is finally here and with all the greenery that it brings, we prepared a thematic St. Patrick’s Day agamograph template for your kids to color and fold. This agamograph template is perfect for kids or kids at heart because it’s simple, easy to do and absolutely adorable to look at after. *this post contains affiliate … Read more

Groundhog Day Agamograph Template

Groundhog Day Agamograph Printable Template

  Prepare your crayons for another lovely agamograph craft. We got a Groundhog Day Agamograph Template for your kids to get creative with. We love simple crafts and this two-sided ground-hog’s-day craft surely is one of them. *this post contains affiliate links* A lot of people believe, that the groundhog is the one to tell us … Read more

Valentines Day Agamograph Template

Valentine's Day Agamograph Printable Template

Love is in the air so let’s spread it with this adorable Valentine’s Day Agamograph Template (printable PDF included). As we love making different agamographs, we just could not resist designing a new love filled one for you and your kids to have fun with. *this post contains affiliate links* Once again, it’s time to … Read more

Winter Agamograph Template

Printable Winter Agamograph for Kids

We got another awesome activity for your young ones to get their hands on – this time we’ll be having fun with a winter agamograph template. Making an agamograph is surely a fun project, so let’s enjoy the season by coloring and folding this winter-themed one. *this post contains affiliate links* Our agamograph consist out of two … Read more

Christmas Agamograph Template

Christmas Agamograph Template for Kids

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to have some fun with a Christmas Agamograph Template! We do love making our agamographs, and this festive one is the latest addition to our collection. *this post contains affiliate links* There is something quite magical to agamographs, two perspectives, two fun pictures (or 4 if you have … Read more