Halloween Agamograph Template

We know you are as thrilled about Halloween as we are and a true fan of agamographs – so quickly add this Halloween agamograph template to your collection.

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Agamograph Halloween Craft for Kids

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Kids love Halloween, be it for the monsters, for the candy or for the dress up. It’s just one of the more fun holidays in the year.

When it comes to crafting, it has many things to offer – there are so many fun subjects to craft about – from cats, through ghouls to bats!

This printable Halloween agamograph template features a group of bats and a full moon and a jack o lantern, two very popular Halloween themes!

Ready to make your own? Let’s get started!

Halloween Agamograph Template
Halloween Agamograph Printable Template

How to make an Halloween Agamograph with our template

What you need:

  • our printable template (grab it at the end of this article)
  • heavier print paper (regular print paper works too)
  • scissors
  • coloring supplies
  • optional scoring tool

Step by step tutorial

Print out our Halloween agamograph template. It works best when printed on cardstock but regular print paper will work out great as well

Color in the pictures. We recommend you color the background with different colors for maximum wow factor.

Cut out the rectangle shaped agamograph.

It’s best if you score the lines on the agamograph before you move to folding, as this will make the folding process way easier.

We use a skewer and a ruler and it works out great.

Fold along the lines, interchanging valley and mountain folds.

Fold across the whole agamograph. All folded? You are done!

Halloween Agamograph Printable Template Craft

Get the Halloween Agamograph Template

Happy crafting!

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