3D Printable Paper House Templates (Free Printable)

Build a mini paper town with our wonderful 3D printable paper house templates. We’ll show you how to make a paper house, and you can even grab some of them as free printable.

There are many different designs to choose from, from single-story paper houses to large apartment buildings. These can be used as decoration or as a fun paper toy (they make the cutest little paper doll houses).

3D Printable Paper House Templates (Free Printable Included)

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This fun paper craft for kids can be tailored to all ages. Some parts can be a bit tricky, but most kids will manage at least some part of making these paper houses on their own (younger ones will at least enjoy coloring them in).

Paper House Doll House Template

Each template for the paper house craft is a fun one in its very own way. They all come in both black and white versions as well as pre-colored ones (perfect for a quick display).

DIY Paper House

As we love to spark creativity, there are also blank paper house outlines included where your kids will be able to design their own paper buildings. How fun is that!

Printable Paper House

How to Make how to Make a Paper House Craft

What you need:

  • printable template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies

You can get 3 free printable paper house templates (both color and black and white) as well as one design your own paper house printable. The whole set can be downloaded from our membership library, or you can get it from TpT.

Free Printable Paper Houses

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the paper house template with 10 different designs; choose the one your kids like best. All of the paper dollhouses are assembled in the same way (more or less).

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is to color in the paper house template. It’s much easier to color first and then move to cutting.

Step 2

Once your kids are happy with how their house looks, it’s time to cut out the house template.

Step 3

Make sure you cut along all dashed lines, some of them are very close to the “roff” so they are easy to miss.

Once everything is cut out, make folds around the flaps marked with the word glue.

Tip: you can use a ruler to make nice folds.

Step 4

Also, fold along the lines that make the sides/corners of these paper houses.

Step 5

Fold the chimney as well.

Step 6

Optional: you can add the bottom base to your houses. Print the corresponding one (they are marked with names of buildings) and cut it out.

Step 7

Then, fold the flaps.

Step 8

The base part is ready.

Step 9

If using the base, have kids apply glue to the base part flaps and stick it to the house.

Step 10

Have them slowly work around the house sides by attaching the base part. Take things slowly, allowing for the glue to set (stick glue is best for this as it does not wet the paper).

Step 11

The house has a firm base now.

Step 12

Now slowly work your way to making the house, applying glue on the flaps marked with the word glue and building the paper house.

Step 13

The Roof

Have kids lean the roof part over the house’s flaps and glue it together.

Step 14

The last part,, no matter where it is, will be the trickiest to glue together.

Step 15

The Chimney

Last but not least, add a chimney to your paper house.

Step 16

All done!

Isn’t this paper house craft super cool?

DIY Paper House

We love the paper houses!

Printable Paper House Craft Idea

Get the whole set of Paper Houses

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