3D Penguin Paper Toy Free Printable

It’s time to play! I’ve created a fun free printable 3D penguin paper toy, well 3 of them to be precise, so just print, assemble and play (or display).

I love paper toys! There are quite a few already on the blog and you’ll be seeing quite a few more, both for small kids and big ones (or kids at heart).

3D Free Printable Penguin Paper Toy

These lovely penguins were inspired by the amazing geometric snowman created by Minieco, that fellow is super cute and I thought a bunch of penguins would be a nice company for that guy (or girl?).

Free Printable 3D Penguin Paper Toy

In order to make these lovely fellows you first have to print the templates ( I recommend using thicker paper, regular print paper will work too).

There are 3 versions available so you can have a whole penguin family.

Black – Gray Penguin

Blue Penguin

Pink Penguin

Once you have your penguins printed it’s time to cut these fellows (just a note that there is a small folding diagram on each of the printable templates, you don’t need to cut that one).

Once you’ve got all the pieces cut it’s time to fold them. Start making creases and folds as is indicated on the diagram included in the printable file (do that with both the head part and  body part.

Once all the creases have been made start assembling this penguin paper toy. Add glue on the white flaps as you go, allowing each part to dry to keep the shape as it should be, slowly folding it all together into a geometric shape (you’ll have to glue on the last two flaps simultaneously).

To make the wings curved just a bit, wrap them around a pen. Stick them onto the body shape. If you haven’t lost the beak (that totally didn’t happen to me, right? 🙂 ) glue it onto the head part.

Glue the head geometric shape to the body and you have your penguin paper toy!

Printable Penguin Paper Toy

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Free Printable Penguin Paper Toy

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