How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card

Make someone’s birthday special – learn how to make a 3D birthday cake card and create the most fun DIY birthday card ever! This project is perfect both for kids and grown-ups as the card is really easy to make and looks amazing.

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card

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We enjoy fresh craft ideas for kids, like crafting a dragon paper doll that can move or creating a fantastic zebra paper roll craft.

If you’re planning a party, you’ll love having these happy birthday coloring pages on hand! They’ll add an artistic touch to your celebration.

Once they’ve had a blast coloring all of them, they can continue by learning how to draw a birthday cake with our step-by-step tutorial!

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card

What you need:

  • printable template (optional)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • color paper (blue, red, pink, two shades of yellow, and two shades of purple)
  • white marker

Step by Step Tutorial

Prepare a blue color paper.

If you want your kids to make a card, have them lay the piece horizontally and fold it vertically in half.

Step 1

The Cake

Have them cut out a red rectangle and fold its ends.

Step 2

They must bend the rectangle and glue it to the blue paper.

We want a 3D look.

Step 3

The Topping

Have them draw some wavy lines on pink paper.

Step 4

Now, they can cut it out and glue it over the bent part of the cake.

Step 5

They can cut out some circles from the colored paper used for the topping and glue them to the red part of the cake.

Step 6

To create the other two cake layers, kids need to repeat the steps with yellow and purple color paper.

The yellow rectangle should be narrower than the red one, and the purple one should be narrower than the yellow one.

Optional: They can cut all the cake parts (rectangles) in the same size, then adjust their folds when gluing them on to make them look smaller than the bottom cake part.

Step 7

The Candle

Have them cut out a smaller pink rectangle.

Step 9
The Flame

Have them cut out two drop shapes – a bigger red one and a tinier yellow one.

Then, glue the pieces one on the other and attach the part to the candle.

Step 10

They can glue the candle to the inside of the purple cake and then draw some dots with a white marker.

Step 11

The cake card will look even prettier with some colorful dots. They can use reds, yellows, and purples and glue them around the cake to the blue background.

Step 12

Your kids have successfully learned how to make a 3D birthday cake card.

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