Zombie Halloween Card

Make the coolest Zombie Halloween Card – one where you can open and close the zombie head to look at their delicious brains.

This card is super easy to make and we just know the person receiving it will love it.

Zombie Printable Halloween Card

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There are two cool zombies included, one boy zombie and one girl zombie. Both of them are friendly looking, even though they are zombies so younger kids will love them.

Halloween Cards Printables

How to Make the Zombie Halloween Card

What you need:

  • our printable card template
  • scissors
  • split pin / paper fastener – you can get these in most office supply stores
  • coloring supplies if printing the black and white template

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the cards. You can print them on regular paper, however heavier print paper works best. 

If printing the black and white zombie cards, have the kids color in the templates first.

Cut out the top parts of zombie heads.

Punch a hole on the card on the zombie head – designated by a small circle.

Older kids can punch the holes with split pins, with younger kids it’s best if you punch the hole for them or have them use something not as sharp.

Also punch a hole in the top part of the zombie head.

Fold the card in half (follow the dashed line). Trim the card if necessary.

Push a split pin / paper fastener through the hole on the top part of the zombie head and then push it through the hole on the card.

Split the split pin to secure it.

Write in your message in the card.

All done! Your Zombie Halloween Card is done.

Zombie Halloween Card for Kids

You can now open and close the head and give a closer look at the zombie brains.

Zombie Halloween Card

Get the Zombie Halloween Card Template

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