3D Christmas Tree Card

This 3D Christmas tree card is a fun project for all ages! Younger kids will love crafting it and it’s pretty enough older kids and grown ups will enjoy it too.

We made ours in classic green, however there are no limits to the colors your kids can use to make this project.

Homemade 3D Christmas Tree Card

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Making Christmas cards is still one of our favorite things about Christmas. It’s an inexpensive way to show someone you care, a handmade card really goes a long way.

Plus there’s making memories together with your kids.

3D Christmas Tree Card

A special note inside the card goes a long way too (excuse our generic message 😉 .

3D Christmas Tree Card DIY

How to Make 3D Christmas Tree Card

What you need:

  • blank card or make one from a sheet of paper
  • green paper in different shades (or just one color, or other colors)
  • paper for star
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Instructions

First you need to make a triangle stencil for the trees.

It needs to be smaller than the card. If working with younger kids, a simple way for them to make the triangle smaller is to cut a rectangle the same size as the card.

Have them fold the green rectangle in half.

And cut the “tree” shape. 

This way both halves of the tree will be identical.

You’ve got a nice triangle here.

Now use this triangle to cut a bunch of other triangles.

You can trace around it, or cut around it. Whichever way works best for you or your kids.

If not folded already, fold the triangles in half.

Apply glue on one of the triangles (only one half)…

And glue another on it.

Continue in the same manner, gluing other triangles.

Cut a star shape out of paper (yellow or glitter paper work well) and stick it on the card.

Apply glue on one half of the tree, press it down on the card, top touching the star.

Apply glue on the other half…

And stick it to the card.

Spread out the papers.

All done! Your 3D Christmas Tree Card is complete and ready for a special note.

3D Christmas Tree Card Idea

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