How to Make a Birthday Shaker Card – Homemade Birthday Card

We’re going to show you How to Make a Birthday Shaker Card, a card that will bring a smile on the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s face.

This is such a wonderful and easy homemade birthday card idea, even more so as the bear template is included.

How to Make a Birthday Shaker Card - Homemade Birthday Card Idea

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Have you ever made a gift card for someone that made them so very happy?

Perhaps you have but we bet that you’ve never ever made such a special gift card that made them smile from ear to ear for a whole day.

Birthday Shaker Card for Kids to Make

Today we are super excited to show you how to make this card.

How to make a simple shaker card

It is one of our favorite things to craft and it is extremely sparkly and very shaky.

How to Make a Birthday Shaker Card

What you need:

  • 11 cm x 15 cm card stock
  • 10 cm x 14 cm card stock
  • 9 cm x 13 cm acetate sheet
  • double-sided foam tape (we used 18 mm one)
  • double-sided tape (we used 18 mm one cut in half, 9 mm each)
  • foam squares
  • sequins
  • a pencil and a ruler
  • scissors/hobby knife
  • watercolors +brush
  • colored pencils
  • baby powder
  • bear and balloons template


Step by Step Instructions

Put some baby powder on both sides of the double-sided foam tape and rub it with your finger.

This will prevent dust from gluing on to it.

Step 1

Measure a 14 cm stripe and double fold it. Measure an 8,5 cm stripe and double fold it.

Step 1-2

Then cut each one vertically in half.

Step 1-3

Step 1-4

Measure 1 cm horizontally and vertically from each corner on the 10 cm x 14 cm card stock. Then draw the lines with a pencil.

Step 2

Step 2-1

Step 2-2

Use scissors (younger kids)/hobby knife (grown ups) with the help of an adult to cut down those lines.

Step 2-3

Scissors are safer choice for younger kids.

Step 2-4

There we go, the window frame is done.

Step 2-5

Put double-sided tape down on each window line and remove the backing paper.

Step 3

Step 3-1

Take the acetate sheet and carefully place it on the window while leaving equal space on all sides.

Step 3-2

Press the acetate sheet with your ruler so it glues to the tape.

Step 3-3

Place the 14 mm stripes vertically on the acetate sheet, then place the 8,5 cm stripes horizontally (shorten them if needed).

Step 4-0

Step 4-1

Mark 1 cm from each corner on the 11 cm x 15 cm cardstock. 

Step 5-0

Paint watercolor stripes inside that area.

Place the sequins!

Step 6

Remove the backing paper from the window and place the window on the 11 cm x 15 cm cardstock …

Step 6-1

… while leaving equal space from all sides.

Step 6-2

Step 6-3

Step 6-4

Print and cut the bear and the balloons out (use cardstock), then color them with colored pencils.

Step 7

Put foam squares on their backs.

Step 7-1
Place the bear and the balloons on the acetate sheet.

Step 8

Step 8-1
Wow! What an awesome shaker card you got there!

Now shake the card and watch the sequins sprinkle behind the bear!

Make a Birthday Shaker Card for Kids

Hope you find this card very amusing and engaging!

How to Make a Birthday Shaker Card Craft Idea

Stay tuned for more!

Grab the Printable For This Project:

Get the shaker card bear and balloons here – Shaker card magic

Project contributed by Ema.

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