Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Spider Pipe Cleaner Craft for Kids

Halloween is a great holiday for crafting, so many fun creatures and things to choose from – today we will show you how to make the most adorable (spooky) pipe cleaner spider craft. *this post contains affiliate links* Spiders can be adorable and this Halloween craft is the proof. Just look at the adorable little … Read more

How to Draw a Spiderweb – Step by Step Cobweb Drawing Tutorial

Spiderweb Directed Drawing Guide

Halloween is the time of the year to draw all kinds of spooky stuff – spiderwebs certainly fit the bill so we’ll learn how to draw a spiderweb.  We will be showing you a tutorial both for a regular spider web as well as how to draw a spiderweb in a corner. *this post contains … Read more

How to Draw a Spider – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Spider Drawing Tutorial

In this step by step tutorial we will be showing you how to draw a spider. This one isn’t scary at all (nor the spider or the tutorial) and you’ll master it in no time. Love this one? We’ve got plenty more easy drawing tutorials ready for you. *this post contains affiliate links* These creepy … Read more

Simple Spider Craft

Spider Crafts

Itsy Bitsy spider… This simple spider craft tutorial will be great as a Halloween classroom craft – it’s pretty easy to make and fun to play with afterwards. Browse all of our Halloween craft ideas for kids *this post contains affiliate links* This simple paper spider craft was inspired by our printable spider hand puppet, … Read more

Paper Strips Spider Craft – Halloween Craft Idea

Paper Strips Spider Craft for Kids.

Spiders might be scary but that can’t be said for this paper strips spider craft! This wiggly little spider craft is prefect for a Halloween crafting session – it will make a fun classroom or home decoration as you can string these on a yarn thread and hang them around the room. Love Halloween? Browse … Read more