How to Draw a Spiderweb – Step by Step Cobweb Drawing Tutorial

Halloween is the time of the year to draw all kinds of spooky stuff – spiderwebs certainly fit the bill so we’ll learn how to draw a spiderweb. 

We will be showing you a tutorial both for a regular spider web as well as how to draw a spiderweb in a corner.

How to Draw a Spiderweb Step by Step Tutorial

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Drawing spiderwebs is really easy, in fact it’s one of the easiest how to draw tutorials we have ever shared. And for some reason they are extremely fun to draw. You won’t be able to stop (super calming too).

While this drawing tutorial is most popular during fall – for Halloween time, spiderwebs are fun to draw all year round. And once you master drawing them, why not also learn how to draw a spider – it will go great along with the spiderweb.

How to Draw a Spiderweb Step by Step

Spiderweb Directed Drawing Guide

What you need:

  • our printable drawing guide (optional)
  • pencil or black marker
  • paper

Step by Step Spiderweb Drawing Instructions


Version 1 – How to Draw a Cobweb

Step 1

Start by drawing a cross, draw one horizontal line and one vertical line.

Step 1 - Version 1

Step 2

Draw two more lines, this time diagonals. 

Step 2 - Version 1

Step 3

Start weaving your web. Start with the inner “circle” making a small arch from one line to the other. We drew ours from the diagonal line to the vertical one.

Step 3 - Version 1

Step 4

Continue with the next arch, starting it where the previous one ended.

Step 4 - Version 1

Step 5

Now make more, all way around until you meet the first one.

Step 5 - Version 1

Step 6

Make more “circles”. Weave your web until you are happy with how it looks like.

Step 6 - Version 1

All done, you have learned how to draw a regular spiderweb!

Finished Spiderweb Drawing - Version 1


Version 2 – How to Draw a Corner Spiderweb

Step 1

Start by drawing one horizontal line and one vertical line – at a right angle.

Step 1 - Version 2

Step 2

Draw a few diagonal lines in between the horizontal and vertical line. We think 3 is a nice number but you can make more of them or less of them.

Step 2 - Version 2

Step 3

Start weaving your web. Start by drawing the first arch, starting from the vertical line and going to the diagonal one.

Step 3 - Version 2

Step 4

Make more arches, until you get to the horizontal line.

Step 4 - Version 2

Step 5

Continue with the next set of arches.

Step 5 - Version 2

Step 6

And all subsequent ones, until your corner cobweb looks as it should.

Step 6 - Version 2

All done, you have learned how to draw a corner spiderweb.

Printable Drawing Guides - Spiderweb


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