Movable Spider Craft

Cute Movable Spider Craft for Kids

Itsy bitsy spider, climbing up and down! Your kids will be thrilled once they make and play with this movable spider craft. It’s such an easy “mechanism” that makes this one “go”, your kids will be soon making all kinds of different moving creations. *this post contains affiliate links* This little spider craft will be … Read more

Spider Paper Hand Puppet Template

Spider Paper Hand Puppet Template Craft for Kids to Make

We have another addition in our bug puppets series, this time around we are making one of my least favourite (arachnophobiac here) creepy crawlies spiders with our spider paper hand puppet template.*this post contains affiliate links* While I generally do not fear bugs, when it comes to this 8 legged creepy crawlie I am terrified … Read more

Silly Spider Craft

Little Spider Craft for Kids

Need a silly spider craft to go along with a spider themed book? This one is perfect! These things are adorable and that’s coming from someone that’s dead afraid of spiders! Hang them on the front of a photo frame for seasonal decor, add them to your fireplace mantle, string them across to make a … Read more