Painted Rock Bugs

Bug Painted Rocks Craft

Today we’ll be transforming ordinary stones to cute painted rock bugs! Rock crafts can be really fun, take one ordinary rock you gathered on your nature walk (or picked up in the dollar store) and transform it into something adorable. Even if you’re not really a fan of bugs, these little critters sure are fun … Read more

Rock Turtle Craft

Cool Rock Craft - Painted Turtle

I was pretty excited about this rock turtle craft for quite some time and after a long nature walk we’ve gathered just the right stones to finally make this painted rock project. I’ve been imagining this one in my head for weeks and am so happy with how it turned out and this little fellow … Read more

Cute Painted Ladybug Rocks – Rock Crafts for Kids

Cute Painted Ladybug Rocks - Simple Rock Crafts for Kids

When you go on a next nature walk (or a trip to the dollar store) be sure to pick up some rocks as we’ll be making cute painted ladybug rocks craft. These cute little bugs will look great indoors and outdoors, can’t you just imagine them scattered around in the garden? *this post contains affiliate … Read more

Rock Crafts for Kids that Rock

We love crafting with nature materials and rock crafts are one of the more fun ones! You can get a whole bunch on your next nature walk or just stop by the dollar store if you live in the city and “wild” rocks are harder to find.   A ton of ah-mazing activities and rock … Read more