Painted Rock Bugs

Today we’ll be transforming ordinary stones to cute painted rock bugs! Rock crafts can be really fun, take one ordinary rock you gathered on your nature walk (or picked up in the dollar store) and transform it into something adorable.

Bugs Painted Rock Art for Kids

Even if you’re not really a fan of bugs, these little critters sure are fun looking right?

Painted Rocks Bugs

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Painted Rock Bugs

What you need


First wash and dry the rocks to get dirt and dust of them. Now color like crazy!

We first colored them with chalk markers – they are easy to paint with and the colors are so lively (if you’ll showcase your rocks outside though you’ll need to protect them with varnish or mod podge to make them waterproof).

We first did one layer of colors, let them dry completely and then draw on other colorful details.


Once all the colors are dry, color the head with black paint. Let dry. Draw eyes with white chalk marker and let dry.

Draw a line through the back of the bug with a black marker and draw two black dots in the eyes.

Bug Painted Rocks Craft

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