Rock Crafts for Kids that Rock

We love crafting with nature materials and rock crafts are one of the more fun ones! You can get a whole bunch on your next nature walk or just stop by the dollar store if you live in the city and “wild” rocks are harder to find.

Rock Crafts for Kids That Totally Rock


A ton of ah-mazing activities and rock crafts for kids and adults alike!

1. With some imagination you can easily make a board game with rocks – just like we made this chess board! Easy Peasy and Fun

2. If you haven’t already you really need to make some story stones! They are the best thing for open ended play and there really is a ton of things you can do with them (and they look so cute). Happy Hooligans

3.  Working on spelling? Rocks can be used for that too just check this spelling activity! No Time for Flash Cards

4. If you have a garden (and if you don’t) you can make adorable stone garden markers. Adventure in a Box

5. Can’t keep the plants alive (I admit I am guilty of just that)? Make stone cactus! Craftberry Rush

6.  How about making some car tracks from rocks! Awesome! Playtivities

7. How about a game of tic tac toe? Red Ted Art

8. You can also make some funny faces using rocks! The Craft Train

9. Working on sight words? You can use stones to teach sight words too! The Imagination Tree

10. Looking for a fun way to paint rocks with kids? Why not try crayons to paint on rocks? Red Ted Art

Rock Crafts for Kids

11. Let’s make some alphabet rocks to help with the ABC’s! Teach Beside Me

12. Dominoes is one of my favorite games to play so these dominoes from rocks are on my to do list! Clever Thursday

13. But why just stick wit the regular dominoes? You can make color match ones! Childcareland Blog

14.  Need a pet rock monster? Coast Always

15. If you have strawberries and have birds sneakily eating them you will love this strawberry rocks! A fun project for the kids plus it will keep the birds away as they get tired of picking the wrong strawberry! Image Event

16. It’s surprisingly easy to make some rock rings and they look fab! Itsy Bitsy Fun

17. Chalkboard rocks! Yes please! B3 Home Designs

18. How about making a ton of pumpkins! They are adorable! Kids Activities Blog

19. You can even make a picture frame out of rocks! Dollar Store Crafts

20. Or just spray paint them gold! Kids will get a kick out of this one. Whatever Dee Dee Wants

Rock Crafts that Rock - Kid Craft Ideas

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