Drip Painting Flowers – Spring Art Idea for Kindergarten

Drip Painting Flowers Art Project

This is an easy art project for even the youngest kids. Drip painting flowers can be done by preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and, as the end result can be really pretty, older kids too! If you are making this art idea with preschoolers, we recommend using cupcake liners for flowers as we did, while older … Read more

Butterfly Silhouette Art – Simple Art Idea for Kindergarten and Older Kids

Butterfly silhouette art idea for kids.

Bring out all your art supplies and let’s make some pretty butterfly silhouette art. There are many different ways you can approach this project and many art techniques you can use. This easy art project is perfect to make in spring time, as butterflies are a popular theme. There are many key points you can … Read more