Pineapple Fingerprint Art Tutorial

Pinaple Fingerprint Art

Most kids enjoy using paint and they don’t usually seem to mind getting a little on them in the process, which makes this pineapple fingerprint art project great for an afternoon art session. This project combines the fun process of painting on your thumb and using the print to make a great piece of art. … Read more

Simple Valentines Day Art

Heart Valentines Day Art

Valentine’s day is all about love and hearts, something that is perfectly captured in this simple Valentines day art. Bring out your watercolors, or any other art supply, for that matter, and get ready to make this wonderful showcase piece. *This post contains affiliate links* This art project comes with a template that can be … Read more

How to Paint a Snowman

How to Paint a Snowman on Canvas

We are back with another acrylic painting tutorial for beginners – this time we are showing you how to paint a snowman. This easy to follow step by step painting tutorial will teach you how to paint a festive and wonderful looking painting in no time. *this post contains affiliate links* Canvas painting is a … Read more

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art – Easy Art Idea for Kindergarten

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Idea

This colorful and easy Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art idea is a great project both for home and in the classroom – kids in kindergarten and preschool will love the process when it comes to creating this project. *this post contains affiliate links* This tissue bleed fall canvas is a fun way to celebrate the beautiful … Read more