Easy Folded Paper Fish Craft

Easy Folded Paper Fish Craft

Be it a summer project or just a fun activity to celebrate the sea, pond, lake, and river dwellers, this easy-folded paper fish craft is a fun project to make. What’s even more fun is that this makes a great group project for the classroom. Just make a giant canvas and have each kid create … Read more

Hammerhead Shark Craft

DIY Paper Shark Craft

Are you ready for shark week? Give this hammerhead shark craft a go, and let your kids learn more about this amazing sea dweller. These are pretty easy to make and will make a great display art on the wall. *This post contains affiliate links* We love to create all kinds of Summer Crafts for … Read more

How to Make a Paper Mache Fish

Fish Paper Mache

Ready to learn how to make a paper mache fish? This project is a great summer craft for kids of all ages as you can adjust the difficulty as you go. Our step-by-step guide will take you through constructing the fish’s body using a balloon as the base and adding all the necessary parts. *This … Read more

Fish Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Under the sea life is really colorful and this certainly is one of the reasons why fish coloring pages are so popular with kids. There are no rules when it comes to choosing and using the colors, from single colors to coloring rainbow fish. Printable Fish Coloring Pages The whole set includes 30 different coloring … Read more

Paper Rosette Fish Craft

Paper Rosette Fish Craft Idea

Do you love doing rosette crafts? This Paper Rosette Fish Craft will be the best craft you’ve made in a long time. It is going to blow all the other sea life crafts out of the water. *This post contains affiliate links* We have a nice collection of Summer Crafts for your kids (check out … Read more