Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin penguin Puppets

With the temperatures dropping it’s time to start thinking about polar animals. Print out our set of penguin clothespin puppets and teach your kids all there is to know about these birds that can not fly. *this post contains affiliate links* Penguins sure are fun looking with their wobbly walk. They are amazing animals though. … Read more

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Snowman Puppets Printable

Welcome winter with this set of Snowman Clothespin Puppets.  *this post contains affiliate links* Be it a Christmas school party or a just a fun winter craft for kids to make, these snowman cuties are always fun. The 4 silly designs that come in both black and white and full color are here to entertain. … Read more

Turkey Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Turkey Puppets Printable

Turkey lovers rejoice! This set of turkey clothespin puppets is all that you need this fall season. Super easy to make, super silly looking – there are a lot of reasons why kids are going crazy about these. *this post contains affiliate links* Turkeys are a fun crafting subject in fall and they also make … Read more

Monsters Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Monster Puppets Printable

Are your kids scared of monsters under their beds? Fight fire with fire with these fun monsters clothespin puppets. These lovely bunch is perfect for scaring away any other monsters, or just to have fun with on a rainy day. *this post contains affiliate links* Most of us kids (as did we) go through the … Read more

Halloween Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Halloween Puppets Printable

Your classroom (or home) Halloween party is going to be a huge hit with these printable Halloween clothespin puppets. You can have them as an activity for kids to make at the party or you can use these as super cool party favors for kids to take home with them. *this post contains affiliate links* … Read more