Penguin Clothespin Puppets

With the temperatures dropping it’s time to start thinking about polar animals.

Print out our set of penguin clothespin puppets and teach your kids all there is to know about these birds that can not fly.

Printable Clothespin Puppets for Kids

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Penguins sure are fun looking with their wobbly walk. They are amazing animals though. While this birds can not fly in the air, they are super agile under the water, just as agile as other birds are in the sky.

There are so many fun things you can learn about penguins and our clothespin puppets will make the learning easier (and more fun). With 4 different penguin designs included, we know your kids won’t have any problems picking out their favorite one. 

Clothespin penguin Puppet Printable

We’ve even got one baby penguin in the bunch.

Clothespin penguin Puppet

How to Make Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Step by Step Tutorial

First thing you need to do is print the template :). These clothespin puppets work out best when they are printed on cardstock / heavier print paper. You could also print them on regular paper, make them and before gluing them on the clothespin, laminate them.

With black and white version of the penguin clothespin puppets, once you have printed the template, color in the penguins. There aren’t a lot of details so you can easily color these with crayons.

Once you are happy with how the penguins are colored, or if you printed the pre-colored version, cut the outline of the penguin.

You’ll see a line running across the beak of the penguins (and through the head) – cut along that line.

Apply glue on the clothespin /gripping area only/.

Stick the penguin on the clothespin, each part of the penguin on one part of the clothespin gripping area.

And that’s all there is to it.

Clothespin penguin Puppets

Your penguin clothespin puppets are ready for play.

Clothespin penguin Puppets Printable

Get the Penguin Clothespin Puppets Here

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