Handmade Reindeer Christmas Card

DIY Handmade Reindeer Christmas Card

As the holiday season draws near, there’s nothing quite like the joy of crafting handmade cards to share with loved ones. Today, we are sharing a simple-to-follow handmade reindeer Christmas card tutorial for your kids to make. This one has a little 3D effect to it, so while it won’t fit in an envelope, it … Read more

Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

DIY Santa in Chimney Xmas Pop Up Card

How about we make our greeting cards for the Christmas holidays? We prepared a neat Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft for you and your kids to make. *This post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of Christmas Crafts for Kids (check out our Christmas Pop Up Card Templates or create your … Read more

Printable Gingerbread House Card

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are here. This Printable Gingerbread House Card is just what you need to celebrate the holidays and make craft season come alive. You can pass out this card as a Christmas card or you can use it as decor around your house. Either way, decorating this card is … Read more

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

If you have a lot of scrap paper and don’t know what to do with it this paper strips tree Christmas card is an answer to your crafting problem. You can make the card in one color or use many colors, it will look wonderful in the end. *this post contains affiliate links* This project … Read more