Cardboard Snow Globe Craft

Cardboard Snow Globe Christmas Craft

Do you want to make a snow globe? It’s super easy. With just a few basic materials, you will create a snow globe that allows a child to enjoy winter all year long. *This post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of Christmas Crafts for Kids (have a look at our Photo Snowglobe … Read more

DIY Paper Plate Christmas Tree

paper plate christmas tree

Transform one paper plate into a cool-looking DIY paper plate Christmas tree. This paper plate craft is great to do in the classroom, it’s an easy Christmas kindergarten or even preschool classroom craft as the steps are simple enough and won’t require much help. It’s also an inexpensive project that doesn’t really require much prep. … Read more

Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Christmas Tree

If your kids love simple paper crafts they will love this easy-to-make paper Christmas tree craft. What we love about this craft the most is how easy it is to make and how wonderful it turns out. If you are planning a Christmas themed bulletin board for your classroom, this is the project to make … Read more

Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Xmas Tree

Follow our easy step by step tutorial on how to make an origami Christmas tree, and you and your kids will be making these little cute trees in no time. This is a great origami for beginners as the steps are easy enough to follow, and the end result is beyond adorable. Make a bunch … Read more

Fan Folded Paper Christmas Tree

Easy Folded Paper Christmas Tree

It’s time to make a festive fan folded paper Christmas tree! This Christmas tree craft can easily be used either as a decoration or as a wonderful homemade Christmas card. You only need paper to make one, but your kids can also get even more creative when it comes to decorating their creations. *this post … Read more