Valentines Day Agamograph Template

Love is in the air so let’s spread it with this adorable Valentine’s Day Agamograph Template (printable PDF included).

As we love making different agamographs, we just could not resist designing a new love filled one for you and your kids to have fun with.

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Once again, it’s time to grab your vivid markers (or other coloring supplies) and spread the love by making this Valentine’s Day agamograph.

This one is a great classroom project for Valentines day and coloring and folding will keep your students or kids busy and entertained while they make one.

The beauty of making agamographs is that you get to see two images changing when you look at them from different angles. On this V-day agamograph, you will get to see a bunch of hearts from one and the caption “LOVE” from the other point of view.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this cool V-day craft  would be a great gift for your family members, friends or others!

Valentine's Day Agamograph Free Template

Valentine's Day Agamograph Template for Kids

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Agamograph

What you need:

  • one of our Valentine’s Day agamograph templates (grab it at the very end of the tutorial)
  • heavier print paper (we used 160 gsm white print paper, but the regular will also do the trick)
  • printer
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • optional scoring tool (we like to use our skewer, or simply use something similar at hand)

Ready to make your own? Let’s start!

Watch the Video Tutorial


Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Let start by choosing one of the templates – you can print out the version one, where you’ll be coloring alternating parts of images or choose the one with the whole image to cut and glue the agamograph together.

You can find the templates at the end of the tutorial.

We decided to color the template with a green, red, pink and yellow marker to make the agamograph pop out nicely.

After you’re done with coloring, use your scissors to cut it out.

Score along the lines – we used a wooden stick to do the job.

Fold the agamograph. Use the accordion technique and press well to make the crisp folds. It’s really important to make crisp folds as it will make the agamograph better.

Continue folding all of the agamograph sections.

Press firmly all the way to the last one.

Now gently unfold your creation.

And you’re all done. Your agamograph is ready to be shared with your loved ones.Valentine's Day Agamograph Printable Template

Get the Valentine’s Day Agamograph Template

Ready to grab your set of printable templates?

Click to print or save: Here they are version one and version two.

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