Groundhog Day Agamograph Template


Prepare your crayons for another lovely agamograph craft. We got a Groundhog Day Agamograph Template for your kids to get creative with.

We love simple crafts and this two-sided ground-hog’s-day craft surely is one of them.
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A lot of people believe, that the groundhog is the one to tell us if the winter will persist for six more weeks, or the spring will arrive a bit sooner.

We decided to make our predictions by creating one of our own.

You will get to make an agamograph with groundhog emerging from its burrow. From one point of view, this lovely rodent is behind the grass, and from the other side, you will see him standing tall on it.

The charm of creating this agamograph is that the alternating pieces of each image create a mesmerizing effect of a moving groundhog.

We’ve colored the elements of each image with the same colors, so our groundhog stays in the same environment when looking at it from different angles.

Choose between two versions of the Ground-Hog Day template – one that is already prepared for folding, or the second version, where kids need to cut out all of the pieces and glue them alternately onto the template.

Cute Groundhog Day Agamograph Template

Lovely Groundhog Day Agamograph Template

How to Make a Groundhog Day Agamograph

What you need:

  • one of our Groundhog Day agamograph templates (get it at end of the tutorial)
  • heavier print paper (we usually use 160 gsm print paper, but the regular will also work out fine)
  • printer
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • optional scoring tool (use a skewer, or simply something similar at hand)

Ready to make yours? Let’s start!

Watch the Video Tutorial


Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Choose your preferred version and print it out (the templates are located at the end of this tutorial).

Color the agamograph pieces with your best crayons. We’ve chosen a yellow marker for the background on both alternating images to make the groundhog really pop out.

Cut it out with your scissors.

Use a skewer or any similar tool that can be found at home and score along the lines.

It’s time to start folding the agamograph. Use the accordion technique and create some crisp folds.

Keep on folding…

…all the way to the last piece of the “agamograph puzzle”.

Now gently unfold your Groundhog Day agamograph craft and you’re done!

Groundhog Day Agamograph Printable Template

Get the Groundhog Day Agamograph Template

Are you ready to have a crafty fun?

To print your agamograph template just click on version one and version two.

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