Christmas Agamograph Template

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to have some fun with a Christmas Agamograph Template!

We do love making our agamographs, and this festive one is the latest addition to our collection.

Christmas Agamograph Printable Template for Kids. Fun Christmas Printable Activity for Kids.*this post contains affiliate links*

There is something quite magical to agamographs, two perspectives, two fun pictures (or 4 if you have our 4 seasons agamograph or life cycle of a butterfly agamograph).

With Christmas time approaching, we put our sleeves up and designed a wonderful printable agamograph template to keep the kids busy during the holidays.

This festive version is perfect for younger kids as it features two really easy to color in designs, a reindeer head on one side and a wonderful gift box on the other.

Color it in with your favorite coloring supplies – we really do recommend markers as they really make the designs pop.

Ready to give it a go? Print out our template and let’s get crafting!

Christmas Agamograph 1

Christmas Agamograph 2

How to Make a Christmas Agamograph

What you need:

  • one of our Christmas agamograph templates that you can grab at the very end of this tutorial
  • heavier print paper (regular print paper will work too, but we prefer heavier)
  • printer
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • optional scoring tool (or a alternative such as a skewer we usually use)

To make things even more festive, you can also use red glitter glue to make the reindeer nose sparkle.

Watch the Video Tutorial


Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Print out our template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial).

Color in the images. We recommend using contrast colors for the background to really make it pop.

Once all colored in, cut out the agamograph.

To make the folds crisper, it’s best to score them before folding – we use a ruler and run the skewer across the folds.

Scoring tool is best to make neat tools – you can get a plastic one that is safe for kids to use.

Once you have scored all the folds (or skipped that step ;), it’s time to fold them.

Fold in a accordion fashion – from one end to the other.

Press down the folds, crease them to make them even crisper as you go.

Fold all the way to the other end…

All done – now all that’s left to do is to move it from one side to the other to reveal both pictures.

Hope your kids have enjoyed making this Christmas agamograph.

Christmas Agamograph Template for Kids

Get the Christmas Agamograph Template

Click to print or save: Here they are version one and version two.

Happy Crafting!


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