Groundhog Day Agamograph Template

Groundhog Day Agamograph Printable Template

  Prepare your crayons for another lovely agamograph craft. We got a Groundhog Day Agamograph Template for your kids to get creative with. We love simple crafts and this two-sided ground-hog’s-day craft surely is one of them. *this post contains affiliate links* A lot of people believe, that the groundhog is the one to tell us … Read more

Simple Groundhog Day Craft

Groundhog Day Craft for Kids

I always thought Groundhoog day was kind of cool (even more so after watching the movie with the said name ha), so to celebrate this wacky holiday I’m sharing an idea for a simple Groundhog day craft you can make with your kids. *this post contains affiliate links* Groundhog Day Craft Peek A Boo Groundhog! Materials … Read more