Printable Forest Animals Puppets

These printable forest animal puppets are so easy to make your kids will want to make all of them. With this fun printable template, you can create a whole bunch of woodland animal crafts, as there are over ten different ones included in this set.

They are super cute, and more importantly, these forest animal puppets are so much fun to play with. They make a great addition to your woodland animals theme in the classroom.

Printable Forest Animals Puppets

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We are head over heels for these puppets! Combine these with our set of printable farm animal puppets and this set of rainforest animals to maximize the fun. Puppets are one of the most fun crafts for kids to make.

Check them all out

A squirrel and the red fox can be friends, after all!

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Fox and Squirl

How do you like the bear and the chipmunk?

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Bear Chipmunk

The wolf and a lynx are also awaiting.

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Woolf Lynx

A skunk and an eagle are also part of this set.

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Skunk Eagle

There is also a racoon and a deer.

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Deer Raccoon

A fun looking wild boar and a badger are in the mix as well.

Printable Forest Animals Puppets Boar Badger

How to Make the Printable Forest Animals Finger Puppets

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies (optional)

We suggest printing the pages on heavier print paper or construction paper, but they’ll also work well with regular print paper.

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates and have the kids color them (if you chose the black and white version) before they cut them out.

All of the printable woodland animals are assembled in the same way. We’re going to show you how to make a fox puppet from this set.

Cut out the outline. Older kids can cut directly along the outline (as closely as they can), and there are also dashed lines that your kids can follow to cut out the puppet.

Make sure the kids also cut out the two paper strips as they will be required to make the puppet.

Next, make folds along the three dashed lines along and inside the puppet’s mouth.

Run your fingers across the folds to make them sharp.

The order of the folds isn’t important, the important thing is to get the correct shape once you are done.

There should be three folds in a zig-zag style.

Next, fold the paper strips along the dashed lines.

Apply glue on the paper strips (on the area that has the word glue) and stick it on the back of the puppet.

One paper strip (bent into a half circle) goes on top and one on bottom of the closed mouth.

The red fox puppet is ready to open and close its mouth.

We love how it turned out, and we’re sure your kids will want to make all of these cute forest animals finger puppets.

Printable Forest Animal Puppets Templates

How much fun is that, huh?

Forest Animals Puppets

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