Unicorn Clothespin Puppets

Dive into the land of the fairy tales with this colorful set of unicorn clothespin puppets.

These magical creatures are born to entertain, and with 4 different unicorn designs you can be sure your kids will have a ton of fun.

Printable Unicorn Clothespin Puppets for Kids

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These mystical creatures are one of the most beloved by kids. And what’s there not to love? They are said to have rainbow poop! 

We have a set of 4 puppets ready for you and they come in both full color and black and white version that kids can color in themselves – and this is where they can trully add magic to these (glitter markers, hint, hint).

Just look at this fantastic creature in action:

Clothespin Unicorn Puppet Printable

Ready to talk!

Clothespin Unicorn Puppet

How to make Unicorn Clothespin Puppets

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • heavier print paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies if you intend to use our black and white template

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the template, you can either print the black and white, the full color one or both. All of the unicorns also come in both left facing direction as well as right facing direction.

Using heavier print paper / cardstock is recommended.  

If you printed the black and white version, have the kids color in the designs first (while with the full color one they can go straight to cutting).

Unicorns offer a lot of space for imagination and creativity when it comes to coloring.

Once you are happy with your design, it’s time to cut it out.

Now that you have cut the outline, also cut along the mouth line.

Take the clothespin, wooden one is the best, and apply glue on the gripping area.

Be careful not to apply glue inside the clothespin to not accidentally glue it shut.

Stick the unicorn on the clothespin.

All done! Your unicorn clothespin puppet is ready to play.

Clothespin Unicorn Puppets Printable

Make more of them so these magic friends can play together.

Clothespin Unicorn Puppets

Get the Unicorn Clothespin Puppets Here

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